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Zell am See/Kaprun

Zell am See-Kaprun is one of the most diverse year-round vacation destinations in the heart of Austria. In no other alpine region you will find that many spectacular destinations and sightseeing attractions as close together as in Zell am See-Kaprun. Mighty mountains, gentle pastures, the Zeller lake as well as the eternal ice of the Kitzsteinhorn glacier and the untameable natural forces of the national park Hohe Tauern unfold their very special charm during every season.

The IONICA – the biggest and most diverse event for electro mobility – will take place in this unique setting from 21 June until 24 June 2018.


Water is fascinatingly dynamic. That is most evident in the mountains where it shapes the landscape in form of rivers, streams, lakes and glaciers. During the winter time it arrives on earth as snow, during the summer it is a guarantee for a rich vegetation plus it supports human health. But the cool water in the mountains has even proven itself as a supplier of energy: humans store it, channel its direction and then use it to power their vehicles! And how much fun water in all its various forms can be, thousands of tourists from all around the world who visit this region every year, can attest to that.

Countryside & Mountains

Whether rugged rocks or gently rolling, grassy hills: the mountains form the character of this region in an incomparable way. In the Zell am See-Kaprun region one can find an alpine diversity in the smallest of spaces that is otherwise hard to find: the appealing up and down, that is so characteristic of the mountains, is the ideal playground for numerous activities: whether sports, energy production or searching for the sin of life – everyone will find their answer in the mountains. What a backdrop to think about the future!


Humans long for fresh air which is exactly what the alpine landscape stands for. That is why it is especially critical to protect the pure air of the mountains which is sought out by everyone but especially city folks. The locals are well aware of that and are committed to a sustainable use of energy and a clean way of moving around: the “mobility of breathing” was made for the mountains; because above all summits is that clarity, which opens up the view into the future and allows us to breathe deeply today as well as tomorrow!


Zell am See is a delightful little mountain town in which old masonry successfully coexists with modern building design. But it’s the people that give Zell am See its urban flair: from the locals as well as the visitors that come here from all over the world. What all enjoy alike is the unique combination of magnificent nature and urbanity steeped in history that invites everyone to stroll around or linger and enjoy. It’s the perfect stage for the mobility of the future.