Hyundai IONIQ

The IONICA has a new partner with Hyundai. “We are delighted about this regional partnership, which also underscores the great interest in the IONICA at Zell am See. Not only we will present the new developments in e-mobility here, we will also hold a congress with top experts. Thus, Zell am See will become a hot spot in electric mobility. And, of course, we are looking forward to regional partners, ideas, visions and developments that will ensure sustainability in transport and for the environment,” says Sebastian Vitzthum from the IONICA organization team.

The IONICA has already put the Hyundai IONIQ to a first practical test. Last week we received the brand-new IONIQ from Hyundai Kaufmann in Kaprun, and that’s why we wanted to go for it right at the weekend: We set off to the 160km away Mostviertel (from Mondsee) with the whole family, including hiking equipment for 5 people. 4 travel bags, 5 full backpacks, 5 pairs of hiking boots and a bag with the food easily fit into the trunk. The family itself (2 parents + 3 teenagers) found enough space to sit comfortably. It keeps its promise, although we used the motorway, unpopular with e-cars, for almost the entire way. Overall, we reached an average of 98km/h for the whole ride. The assistance systems work excellently (even in a snowstorm), the IONIQ steers, brakes and beeps eagerly on the ride – “fair weather driving” despite the harshest weather conditions.