A real spectacle was skijoring at Lake Zell. This motor sports event was very popular in the 60s and attracted tens of thousands of visitors. Skijoring is a winter sport in which a skier on a rope is pulled by a horse, a sled dog or a sports car. At the Winter Games 1928 in St. Moritz, skijoring even was an Olympic demonstration contest. Motorsport contests like in the 60s are unthinkable now at Lake Zell due to environmental regulations. However, this does not apply to e-vehicles. So, when last year, Lake Zell had frozen over once again after a long time and when it was opened for walking, the IONICA took up again the old tradition of the skijoring in Zell am See. For example, a KTM e-freeride and two high tower mountain bikes from EGO were unleashed onto the lake together with team players of the Zeller Eisbären.

“The result was a lot of action, a large audience and a spectacle at the icy Lake Zell. And we lived up to the environmental idea of ​​e-mobility. Now we can only hope that will Lake Zell freeze over again, and then there will be skijoring again”, said the IONICA organization team.