The technology in use

Which mobility task does the technology perfom?

The IONICA 2018 took place for the first time with the slogan „Fascination of E-Mobility“. At the EXPO on land, sea and air, technological progress and technical fascination were a major, important area. Today we often make the mistake of equating technological advancement 1 to 1 with the necessary changes, but technology cannot change everything for the better, it can only help us to tackle many things more efficiently and strategically.

What technology can do

It is fascinating to see where the journey is heading in the field of technological developments. Particularly in the area of mobility and digitisation, we will see many things in twenty years’; time that we cannot even imagine now. IONICA helps us train our eyes and focus on future developments that will shape our daily lives in the not too distant future. We are talking about autonomous cars, smart homes and person-carrying drones, which can already be admired at many locations. This was also the case at IONICA – the Austrian aviation company FACC was present at IONICA in 2019 and, in addition to an interesting lecture, exhibited the EHang 216, a person-carrying drone.

Problem solver or causer?

Technological development is considered by many to be a development that produces something new but does not solve our problems or challenges. In many areas this may be true, because it doesn’t matter to the traffic jam whether we are sitting in a car with a combustion engine or an electric motor and whether our car is travelling autonomously will make no difference standing in a traffic jam. However, various technological developments also contribute to making our lives simpler, safer and more sustainable. DAS tries the IONICA with regular attempts and experiments to find out and underpin. We have already successfully supplied metallurgical plants by heavy-duty drone. We have also proved that it is possible to rescue a person who has broken into the ice with a drone AND we have even flown 200 tree seedlings with a drone into impassable terrain, where they were subsequently reforested by the Austrian Federal Forests.

The future of technology lies in the air

Dr. Holger Friehmelt, head of the Institute of Aviation at the FH Joanneum in Graz is an expert in technological progress. He knows his stuff and is certain that in the future large parts of mobility will take place in the air. It is particularly emphasized that this will only be possible with AUTONOM in an efficient way. The reasons for this are to be found in the weight and the associated efficiency. The great amount of persuasion that technology still has to do here becomes clear when one observes the sometimes heated debates about autonomous driving. „If so much controversy arises autonomously on the ground, how does it behave in the air?“ Technology will still have a lot to do to convince us that everything will be better, more efficient and safer in the future, and IONICA is trying to play its part in raising awareness.

Dr. Holger Friehmelt

Head of the Institute Aviation FH Joanneum Graz

„Don’t nail me down to 10 years, but yes, I think that aviation based on electric autonomous aircraft will be a future of mobility. Apart from autonomous, man-carrying drones, which will probably not fly through our airspace overnight, there are already sensational technological concepts of electric propulsion in aviation. We will get to see a lot more about this!”




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