The changing society

How to act so that everything works well?

Society is changing or we are all under considerable pressure to change: globalization, digitization, climate change, global policy, international migration, etc. – doesn’t sound so relaxing at first, what we have to worry about these days. Nevertheless we have to do it and for this reason the IONICA 2020 and the 3rd World Mobility Forum will find and present answers to these important questions.

For a great tomorrow

Society is ageing increasingly due to high life expectancy, and at the same time the proportion of the affluent is declining noticeably. Since 2015, many countries in the West have been experiencing considerable immigration pressure, with integration not functioning in some cases. Social milieus and lifestyles differentiate themselves, the WE becomes ever smaller and individual groups differentiate themselves from each other. The division of society is a very important effect, however, which leads to major changes.

Reality Check

Many people today are afraid, afraid of the future, afraid of climate change, afraid of the measures necessary to avert it, afraid of reality. Basically, the fears of these challenges are more extensive than the reality itself, but you don’t know that before. And fear creates problems: quality media become the press of lies, in virtual media truth and lies can no longer be distinguished. And yet we must not close ourselves to the necessary change, it will come.

Acting instead of reacting

It is quite simple that we as a society must change course in order to achieve the Paris climate targets. Many people are aware of this, not everyone wants to contribute to it. Large sections of the population are now increasingly advocating climate protection, yet almost none of us want to accept the restrictions on mobility that would be necessary for a change. What changes are necessary and what we as a society can do to achieve this and most importantly, how easy a rethink can actually be, THAT and much more we will develop and present in the course of the 3rd Mobility Forum 2020 in Zell am See!

Dr. Jens Dangschat

Scientific leader

Fridays for Future meets Fridays for Hubraum – a fact that not only stands for social change but also shows how much our society can be divided by important issues. One more reason why events like the 3rd World Mobility Forum and IONICA play such an important role, I suppose we’ll see you in June 2020!

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