What is IONICA?

IONICA makes its contribution to the improvement of the environment! We take a critical and scientific look at the major issues of the future mobility, energy and resource conservation. IONICA is an interface between science, industry and end users, reduces fears of contact and thresholds in dealing with new technologies and creates enthusiasm for a contemporary approach to mobility and energy. IONICA helps to create a sustainable, mobile society and a clean environment. We achieve this with the annual World Mobility Forum in Zell am See / Kaprun, the presentation of forward-looking technologies and ideas from all over the world, the transfer of knowledge and insights and not least through the implementation of various projects in the region – a model region as a lighthouse area.

The IONICA World Mobility Forum is the most important of its kind. The IONICA is the best stage for prototypes, experiments and ideas. The demonstration of new technologies inspires people. The exhibition of merchandise moves into the background. The integration and implementation of sustainable mobility solutions becomes a year-round task.


World Mobility Forum

Enough of ideas, possibilities and announcements. The 3rd WORLD MOBILITY FORUM provides participants with actionable measures on relevant aspects of mobility. Get first-hand knowledge – become active! The main topics of the 3rd World Mobility Forum are the planning of space and time, society in change and technology in use. Facts, answers and solutions – know what to do! That’s the motto here!



The breaks at the forum belong to the exchange. You meet for a cup of coffee, exchange ideas and make new contacts. FLYING NETWORKING takes meeting, getting to know and exchanging to a higher level. In 2019 the premiere was “up in the air”; 2020 we continue to network with new ideas, casual formats and cool locations and people meet, already know each other or would like to talk urgently. Colourful network groups use the time on the way to the IONICA evening event. What remains are new contacts, deepened relationships and newly acquired knowledge.

IONICA Youth Forum

At the IONICA Youth Forum 2020 clever minds will have their say. Experts of tomorrow, decision makers of the day after tomorrow, visionaries of the future. Do you have any good ideas on what tomorrow’s mobility might look like? Then breathe life into these ideas and submit your project as an individual, team or class project to the IONICA Youth Mobility Award 2020 and present your vision live on stage at the Ferry Porsche Congress Center. Knowledge, commitment and inventiveness are required. Are you working on ideas for tomorrow’s mobility in the course of a project or do you have the opportunity to do so in a subject? The best projects will be awarded by one of our juries and the winners will receive prizes, fame, recognition and – who knows – perhaps the chance to realise them!



In the IONICA EXPERIENCE, visitors face the challenges of mobility in the form of games. You embark on a journey and decide for yourself how you want to make progress and which means you are prepared to use – and you bear the consequences! You should become part of the IONICA EXPERIENCE and present your company, your services or your ideas to many interested visitors. Become a partner and present your work as part of a mobility solution. Make sure through your presence that the visitors at EXPERIENCE as well as in daily life make the right decisions, whatever they may be!

Sebastian Vitzthum

General manager and project leader

“We had a vision, an idea emerged from this vision and now we are on our way to the future of mobility!”

Because of it, let’s go to IONICA 2020

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