IONICA Talk Sessions – what the Experts say!

TOURISM, AGRICULTURE & SPORT – our core talk topics of tomorrow’s mobility

With our three high-calibre rounds of talks at the 3rd World Mobility Forum, we occupy three areas that not only concern us all, but with which we can all do something in our daily lives. TOURISM, AGRICULTURE & SPORT are areas in which the development of tomorrow’s mobility plays a major role and also sectors in which things seem to be going wrong at the moment!

 Be there when the experts on the IONICA podium enter into discussion and form your own opinion!

DER Tourism Expert Talk

“I can’t listen to these buzz words anymore, overtourism, traffic chaos, save the climate, Fridays for Future – they’re slowly ruining my holidays!” Is that so? Are we in the middle of a social transformation? Is the big rethink starting now or are we just going to continue as before? Much more interesting than these questions is how the tourism industry intends to react to these developments. QUESTIONS over QUESTIONS, the Tourism Expert Talk at the IONICA 3rd WorldMobility Forum 2020 provides answers. When qualified experts from the tourism, travel and leisure industry take a seat on the IONICA podium, experience meets vision, we hear different opinions and look forward to an emotional but objective discussion!

The Agricultural Expert Talk

“As long as the politics don’t become active, I don’t need to change my behavior. I don’t care where my food comes from, I must be able to afford it!” Can statements like these be part of a solution? Which first? Must politics first become active or must we all change our behavior first? Even more interesting than these questions are the opinions of those who need to know! QUESTIONS over QUESTIONS, the farmers expert talk at the IONICA 3rd World Mobility Forum 2020 will provide answers. When agricultural experts discuss how we can reduce the excessive transport of raw materials and food, you should be there too. Discuss with us, your opinion and experience are needed!

The Sport Expert Talk

“You don’t want me to go on vacation anymore? Top athletes, actors, singers etc. they’re no better, they fly around the world all year round!”Are major sports and entertainment events still up-to-date in terms of the global development of transport? Can the sports and entertainment industry still afford to fly around the globe several times a year? Even more interesting than these questions is the opinion of our top athletes and entertainment experts! QUESTIONS over QUESTIONS, the sports expert talk at the IONICA 3rd World Mobility Forum 2020 provides answers. When active and former top athletes discuss to what extent major events are still up-to-date in times of climate crisis and mobility change, you and your opinion should not be missing!