Electric Muscles Challenge


“Electric Muscle”, the name says it all. At IONICA 2019, real sporting aces are required when electricity is generated from pure muscle power and the participating teams compete using this electricity. First, the electricity is generated by bike and powers a racing cart, which is then used to race on a circuit.

Endurance Sport Becomes Motor Sport

The winner is the team that completes the most laps, i.e. the longest distance within a certain time, on a defined circuit. A cool thing, considering what it takes to win. But it’s not enough to generate a lot of electricity and it’s not enough to just finish laps fast. It’s the combination of endurance sports and top motorsport performance that guarantees the best winning chances.

  • When

    Sunday, 23rd June 2019, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.
    Final at 4 p.m.

  • Where

    Ferry Porsche Congress Center, Zell am See

  • Costs

    Free entry

One Driver and Three Cyclists …

… make a team. The three cyclists (at least) are responsible for charging the batteries. They take turns and generate electricity from their own muscle power. This current then charges the vehicle, which the driver then uses to compete against the competition. The Electric Muscle Challenge takes place on the forecourt of the Ferry Porsche Congress Centre Zell am See and transforms this renowned venue into a motor sports centre.

This Is How The Electric Muscle Challenge Works

When the IONICA carts are handed over to the teams, they have completely empty batteries. It would be just too easy otherwise. When the start signal sounds, the driver first has to pedal hard to supply their vehicle with power so that the driver can enter the track. Any number of cyclists may be used in any order. The race works in KO mode:, team vs. team on identical but separate circuits.

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